• Cylindrical camera detection device

        The cylindrical object image detection device can detect damages and stains etc. on outer circumference surface and inner circumference surface through expansion image of cylindrical detection surface obtained by camera shooting.Most applicable to detection of industrial products such as round stamp, shaft housing, gear etc., and determination of printing defect etc. of objects such as cylindrical container.Note: minimum diameter of inner hole up to 6mm

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  • Automatic labeling machine

        Automatic label-peeling machine is a good helper for manual labeling of large quantity. The label is peeled automatically and smoothly without any crumple. After a label is peeled off, the second label will follow automatically. Narrow and small labels can be aligned in parallel rows for peeling in order. Peeling length of label can be adjusted at will, and several labeling person can take and use the label at the same time.

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  • LECO high precision aluminum profile structure series

        LECO high precision, high strength aluminum alloy structure profile manufacturing system is produced by Tianyi with introduced advanced technology from Japan and it takes the lead in domestic market. Standard profiles and standard accessories of LECO aluminum profile are provided, customers can design and assemble freely to obtain mechanical system with perfect and complex structure according to their own needs.

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About us

    Shanghai Tianyi Automatic Packing Machine Co., Ltd. produces and sells LECO industrial aluminum profiles and accessories, manufactures the customized small sized convey belt, automatic label peeling machine and automatic labeling machine etc.,

    Quality and faith is the guarantee for survival and development of company; high quality, fast delivery, good after-sales service is our commitment to customers. We commit to satisfy customer’s requirements with sincere service, and have gained trustfulness from extensive customers all over the country in the same time.


Use the sample

    Basic joint of LECO aluminum profile only needs a T-LOCK and trapezoidal screw. The standardization, efficiency of design and assembly can reach to a maximum, with no need to consider combinations in any other form.

    As joint at section center i.e. internal joint is adopted, the structure is so smooth, neat and beautiful that the end of profile can be fully utilized.

    The assembly is simple too! All you need to do is to insert the T-Lock and fasten the trapezoidal screw. The high precision assembly is simplified, with assembly difficult degree reduced and working capacity of assembly shortened greatly. 


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